Nekrikos Dialogos, Opus I

by Rove Monteux



Nekrikos Dialogos is a five part classical Opus about adversity and stronger rebirth.

This Opus is the first solo work from Rove Monteux that is purely Classical rather Metal or Dark Ambient, and is themed around Panagiotis Soutsos works on "Nekrikos Dialogos" around adversity, death and stronger rebirth:

"1) Rome, the ruler of the world, Rome Fell; but it was not resurrected. Greece, O Glory! Greece alone died and was reborn.

2) For its future growth, it enjoys a hidden momentum, a secret impetus…It will regain, wise people, its ancient rank, once again the leader in every form of greatness and beauty.

3) The centuries to come will see those that have passed, and our ancestors will be reborn anew in living men."

The full Opus has been released for pre-sales by Lua Vermelha on the 19th of October 2019, and for sales on all major stores and streaming services on the 5th of November 2019.


released October 19, 2019

(c) 2019 Rove Monteux


all rights reserved



Lua Vermelha Czechia

Dark music recording label with headquarters in the Czech Republic and Brazil.

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